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Removing Ribs And Leaving It Out On The Field: Football Guy Of The Week Nominees, Week 14

Congratulations to Thaddeus Longmire for winning FBGOTW! Guy didn't let anything stop him from playing the sport he loves, even if that meant not having arms. 

Now for this week's nominees:

1. Sam Hartman, QB Wake Forrest

Insert Marilyn Manson Joke Here. I mean, this is just metal AF that this guy is going to get someone to carve up his rib to make some sort of necklace out of it. The Wake Forrest QB will now be able to enjoy his new flexibility, all the while having a new necklace!

2. Lincoln Gustafson 

This kid has been lighting up US Bank stadium every time the Vikings play there. He is absolutely electric, mimicking Kirk Cousin's airplane video, and has become quite the mascot for the 10-2 Minnesota Vikings. This kid is one of those unofficial mascots that will propel the Vikings deep in the playoffs. 


3. Max Duggan, QB, TCU

Max Duggan just left it all out on the field in the Big 12 championship on Saturday. This guy ran his ass off trying to win against Kansas State and preserve a TCU undefeated season. 

That was a Tebow "The Promise" type postgame and emotion in a loss. Absolute football guy. No other way to describe how hard he went in the game and still came up short. 

4. University of Houston Tee Guy

That is some Tier 1 athleticism. A Man that large moving that fast while being that acrobatic is just wild.