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Georgia Got Screwed By The College Football Playoff Committee

This is not going to be some sort of homer blog in which I say Ohio State is the best team in the country and Georgia should be shaking in their boots. Georgia is clearly the best team, had the best resume, earned the #1 seed, and deserves the benefits that come along with it. One benefit of being the #1 seed is that they get to play in their home state of Georgia at the Mercedes-Benz dome for the 3rd time this season, which certainly helps. The only problem is that the College Football Playoff unfairly robbed them of the most important benefit of the #1 seed: playing the worst team in the field.

It is a 100% fact that if Kirby Smart got to pick who he wanted to play in the semifinal, he would choose TCU. Georgia would be favored by 3 scores against TCU. It is also a 100% fact that his next choice would be to play Michigan, in which Georgia would be 10+ point favorites. Instead, the committee has matched up Georgia against Ohio State, in which the Dawgs opened up as less than a touchdown favorites. Again, these are just facts. You cannot dispute those points.

Now, obviously Michigan has to be the #2 seed. They embarrassed Ohio State in Columbus and regardless of what Vegas says if they meet again, it would be a crime to rank them otherwise. Therefore the remaining two spots obviously had to come down to TCU and Ohio State. And I am fully aware that the #1 seed's choice of opponent does not factor into the decision, however, the committee absolutely had the ammo to put TCU at #4. The four teams were not up for discussion, but the order of 3 and 4 was as "could go either way" as there ever has been in the playoff era. And therefore, giving the #1 seed a game in which they are head and shoulders better than their opponent should have been the deciding factor.

You can say a lot of things about me, but this is a level headed point and I'm not wrong. The committee can say they didn't factor in a rematch all they want, at the end of the day, they chose to reward #2 Michigan rather than rewarding #1 Georgia. Ohio State is full of 4 and 5 star recruits, and for the first 11 weeks of the season, they were clearly the second best team in the country. Georgia very well may beat the snot out of Ohio State, but there's no doubt in my mind Kirby Smart was internally upset to see TCU pop up on that #3 line yesterday. The Dawgs earned the first round bye that Michigan was given.