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The Giants 4th & 3 Punt In Overtime Was In The 99.9 Percentile On The Surrender Index For Cowardly Punts

I know people are losing their mind over this. But did anybody consider that the Giants were playing for a tie instead of a win in honor of the World Cup going on? Promoting the other football with the U.S. being a host country of the next World Cup is kinda beautiful when you think about it.

Besides today was a Legacy Game at MetLife and that punt brought us back to the Joe Judge days. Can't forget his last game against the Washington Football Team either!

Whatever. The Giants still had a chance to win after that stupid ass punt if Gano hits that field goal or Kayvon Thibodeaux goes full LT by knocking the ball out of Heinecke's hands. But they didn't win not because of the punt but because of a bunch of bad play calls earlier in the game that every Giants fan thought would doom Big Blue to a loss along with that dumb ass taunting penalty that the Giants owner helped bring into the game. So instead, this game ended in a tie, which is better I guess? 

Whatever. I never want to talk about this game again since it was the Surrender Punt of NFL games. Win in two weeks and we can act like this game never happened, which I am already choosing to do regardless.

P.S. What do you have to do to get into the 100th percentile of Surrender Punts? Punt on first down with Patrick Mahomes as your quarterback? These are the things I'm thinking about right now instead of where the 8-4 Giants would be traveling for the wild card round.