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The Giants Don't Lose Their Biggest Game In 5+ Years!!!

Okay, I'm sorry for spinzoning the shit out of a tie, but I'm trying to find the positives from that absolutely gross game. I can't even blame Jon Feliciano for his stupid ass taunting penalty as the reason the Giants win became a tie because the Giants owner is the one that was pushing for guys to get flagged when they celebrate doing something well in a game that is essentially a 60 minute war of attrition.


Yup, I am annoyed enough to use that gif. 

A few other quick thoughts because my brain feels like mush after watching the fastest grinder of a game ever:

- The worst part of this tie is that the NFC Playoff Picture is going to be sooooo much uglier and confusing than it has to be over the next month now that two teams in the wild card race have a tie. Ties in a playoff picture are like a trud in a pool. Even the smallest fragment of poop ruins it for everyone else.

- I sure wish the Giants decided to throw the ball in the Two Minute Drill before the half when they were in the RedZone like they did at the end of the 4th quarter. There are a lot of other things I wish about the play calling but I will save the 10,000 word blogs for Greenie's Celtics recaps.

- It was always kinda bullshit the Commanders had a bye after this game then face the Giants in two weeks while the Giants have to face the Eagles then face a fresh Commanders team that had two weeks to prepare. But despite that, I'm 100% down for this stipulation in 2 weeks.

- I want to complain about Richie James killing the Giants overtime drive by running directly into Saquon Barkley on that massive third down. But it's kinda nice for the fanbase to have a player that hate with a burning rage on the level of Ereck Flowers, Eli Apple, or Matt fucking Dodge. 

Okay, once I bring up the MD word, it's time for a stiff drink then a nap. Please God don't let James or Zyon Gilbert play during that Commanders game because I honestly don't think my heart can handle it along with all the Christmas cheeses over the next few weeks.