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"It Truly Has Been a Second Home For Me" - Even With The Season Down The Drain Aaron Rodgers Picked Up His 25th Career Win Against The Bears And Proved He Very Much Still Owns Chicago

Michael Reaves. Getty Images.

No matter how bad the Packers are playing, no matter what kind of injuries Aaron Rodgers has going on, there is no force on Earth that can prevent the Green and Gold from beating the Bears. I'm not sure a 10-0 lead has ever felt so worthless than when the Bears went out in front in the 1st quarter today. Matt LaFleur improved to 8-0 against the Bears lifetime while Rodgers picked up his 25th win against Chicago. Complete ownership every year. 

While a loss for the Bears certainly benefited them as they increased their chances of landing a top 3 pick in the draft, you know the Chicago fanbase wanted to hand Rodgers a loss as a potential final parting gift. Big Cat and the Chicago guys will tell you this was a good thing, but you know if the Bears got the W we wouldn't hear the end of it. Not gonna happen on 12's watch. After leading the Pack back perhaps one final time against the Bears, Rodgers spoke on the field and gave a rare acknowledgement to his children.  

After that it was time for a nice salute to his second home. 

Rodgers and the offense once again struggled to get much going early on. Once more we had to endure another scoreless opening quarter. It wasn't until the final minute of the half before they found the end zone. Of course it was Christian Watson. 

Later on helped put a bow on the W with this end around he took to the crib. 

Rodgers has mentioned this a bit on his weekly spot with McAfee, but it really is crazy how one play has really changed everything for a guy. Ever since this deep ball against the Cowboys he's shed off any rookie jitters and become a star. 

He probably doesn't win the Offensive ROY award, but he's definitely entered the conversation where as a month ago it wasn't even a thought to throw him in the mix. While yes, the Packers playoff chances continue to hang on by a thread with the win today, let's be real they're not making it. One glimmer of hope this year has been Christian Watson's emergence. Romeo Doubs showed early on he could be a player as well for the future. Pair those two together moving forward and you most definitely have something to build on. 

As for Rodgers and Green Bay the big question now becomes how they handle his role with four games to go. After the upcoming bye they have MNF vs. Rams, @Dolphins, vs. Vikings, vs. Lions. They'd have to win all four and get help to have a shot. Who knows how bleak their outlook appears coming off the bye in a week. Do they shut him down post bye? Play him once more in front of the crowd vs. the Rams and then call it a season? If their playoff lives remain alive I expect him out there. Once that's over it's time to get a legit look at Love. 

P.S. Matt LaFleur did something today that might have been my favorite move in his HC tenure. After the Watson touchdown to go up 7 with less than two minutes to go. The Packers went for two to make it a two score game. They got it and increased their lead to 9. I can't tell you how angry I get when I see teams kick the XP to go up 8 in that spot. Being up two scores is so much more of an advantage than forcing the other team to go for two to tie it. It should be obvious, but it's not. Thank you for attending my NFL head coaching Ted Talk.