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The Jets Arrived To Today's Vikings Game Wearing A Bunch Of Different Mighty Ducks Jerseys, So I Think I Have No Choice But To Responsibly Bet The Jets

Everyone has their own methods of deciding who to pick in the NFL any given Sunday. Some people listen to the experts like the ones on the Barstool Pro Football Football Show while others copy the work off of some football nerd's fancy numbers. However I bet the toughest sport to handicap on God's green Earth by going beyond the X's and O's, Jimmys and Joes, and even DVOA/EPA/PFF. 

I go with a little thing called juju. Now that Goodell has turned the NFL into a mish mosh of parody, you have to look beyond the takes and the numbers for who you think are gonna cover the number that the Barstool Sportsbook pumped out. To be honest, I considered 1 PM Kirk Cousins vs. Future NFL MVP Mike White the epitome of a stay away. 

But after seeing the Jets roll into Minnesota repping the greatest team to come from The Greater Minneapolis region, it would honestly be gross negligence as a child of the 90s to ignore this type of mojo the Jets are adding on top of the growing legend that is Mike White. I could have maybe passed on this if they all wore the same boring Ducks jerseys. But going with different Ducks jerseys along with one Hawks jersey for those diabolical cake eating fucks has me responsibly placing money on the Jets on the road. Doubly so if it comes out Robert Saleh only became their coach due to a community service court order. Hopefully Sauce Gardner is on Justin Jefferson more than he isn't today. 

Giphy Images.

I am also responsibly betting my beloved Giants in their biggest game in 5+ years after seeing Coach Daboll rolling into the stadium in red.

As I've said multiple times on this here blog, that jacket has been fuego ever since the DC of NYG got carried off the field wearing it back in the glory days of the G-Men.

So for those keeping track at home, I am betting both New York football teams that just so happened to be based in New Jersey responsibly on the Barstool Sportsbook because of what a handful of grown men wore to their respective games today. It may not be the most scientific method, but it doesn't matter as long as it's successful.