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The CFP Committee Should Be Thrown In Jail If They Don't Put TCU In The Playoff

Richard W Rodriguez. Shutterstock Images.

By now you know I have been a MASSIVE supporter of Kansas St this season and love that they are a carbon copy of their 2012 team I fell in love with. Collin Klein at QB back then, Will Howard (or Adrian Martinez for parts of the year) now don't have a prayer to make the NFL yet DOMINATED the conference and just kept winning games. Little old John Hubert (5'7) running the ball all over in 2012, 5'6 Deuce Vaughn in 2022 a ball of electricity and big plays. Old Uncle Bill Snyder and his out of style windbreakers back then, Chris Klieman running the ship now and continuing to prove people wrong. It's the best. True underdogs that no one gave a chance to but themselves. Shit Collin Klein is even the OC of this year's team proving time is a flat circle. 

So while everyone thinks I'm going to make this a K State suckfest (which they deserve and you can switch over to my Twitter for that as it will continue to go until kickoff next season), I'm actually here to petition for the TCU Horned Frogs to be in The College Football Playoff and anyone with a brain who says otherwise is taking crazy pills. 

Let's first start with Max Duggan's effort on Saturday… 

Absolute warrior is an understatement. Every time it was a one score game you knew you were never safe with the ball in his hands if you were rooting for K State. Aside from one bad throw (which was 50/50 on the miscommunication blame with him and the WR).

The kid was absolutely terrific, took a ton of hits, yet kept playing, kept coming, and kept delivering for his teammates. He gave them a chance to win the game, win the conference, complete an undefeated season and make the playoff without any doubt. 

18/36 for 251 yards and a TD, and 110 rushing yards and 1 TD. He delivered like he did all year, just today they came up short (barely). 

I'll be honest, TCU may have scored a touchdown in overtime. 

Regardless of the loss (which again was to a team who will 100% be Top 10 and possibly be top 8 in the final CFP rankings), this TCU team deserves to be in the College Football Playoff. In what world should we penalize a team who ran a gauntlet of their conference and only dropped the conference championship game by 3 points on a call they should have gotten? On what planet should Ohio St or Alabama who didn't win their own division or appear in their conference title game get to jump this TCU team so much that TCU misses the playoff? Where on earth is that fair? 

This whole narrative of trying to get the 4 best teams is what people keep saying to push Bama in.. In my eyes TCU was part of the top tier of teams for the last 2 months. If you are looking for the top 4 teams, TCU is one of them. If you are looking for the 4 best resumes, TCU is one of them. No matter how you slice it, TCU belongs in this playoff. Stop trying to fuck them over.