Give Me Ohio State vs. Michigan Round Two, Or Give Me Death!

Oh my God, it actually happened. USC needed to lose for us to get in, but now with TCU losing, how does Ohio State not move up to #3? Barring a Georgia loss later today, we are going to have a Round 2 of Ohio State vs. Michigan. And it's going to be EPIC.

Let me say a couple things about this. And these are facts:

- Ohio State is 100% making the playoff. I am on record and remain of the belief that Ohio State doesn't DESERVE to be in the playoff, but clearly they're in.

- Anyone that says TCU should stay at #3 over Ohio State is simply stupid. Ohio State is a 11-1 non-champion with a loss to the undefeated #2 team in the country. TCU is a 12-1 non-champion with a loss to 3-loss Kansas State. It's not even a debate.

- TCU should remain #4. To put Alabama over TCU would be the most disrespectful move in committee history. That cannot happen.


- We will beat Michigan.

- Ohio State is the absolute last team on Earth that Michigan wants to see in the semi.

Those are 5 facts. And everyone knows it. Did Ohio State get absolutely embarrassed by Michigan last week in Columbus? 100% they did. But they also could've blown them out early, gave up 5 home run touchdowns but not much other than that, and the game just got away from them. Ohio State is the better team and you all can whine and complain all you want, when that line opens up, it's going to be Ohio State by a touchdown. 

I cannot believe this actually happened. Everything happened exactly how it needed to. And if the committee doesn't give us this game, give me death. It will be a travesty if they try and finagle the rankings into avoiding the rematch. Rank the teams how they should be, and you get Ohio State vs. Michigan. I need this game more than I need to breathe. Plus, just checked flights to Scottsdale from Columbus....only $2100!!!

**If Ryan Day loses to Harbaugh AGAIN this year, he has to be fired.