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The Cartoon Knockout Guy From RNR18 Returns For Redemption This Friday Night At RNR19

Before we get into this matchup breakdown... LET'S SEE THAT, IN INSTANT REPLAY...

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Just magnificent. Gotta give A LOT of credit to FUCKIN SICKEST for pulling off this move, which I still don't know how to explain. That reel has been viewed 1.7 million times and could be viewed for another 2000 years without anyone ever understanding how it works. But that's Rough N' Rowdy for ya!

So what better way for him to get redemption than going against a fellow (0-1) knockout victim from RNR18, HUCKAMANIA

Can't really blame ol Huck for getting his bell rung by TRAPZILLA, that generally happens to everyone he faces off against outside of LIGHTS OUT LAING

But fighting in RNR isn't always about the wins or losses, it's about how you respond after things don't go your way. HUCKAMANIA could've retired from our ring right then & there but instead he decided to fucking do something about it. Look at this New England stud now!

He's dropped almost 20 lbs since fighting at RNR18 and coming in with a brand new mindset. Have also heard he's got every coworker from his car dealership coming to cheer him on. 

No matter what happens Huck is a winner in my book. And now it's not just a New England vs New York matchup… this fight is for pure PRIDE. Whoever wins on December 9th will be honored, their kids will be honored, their families will be honored. And with both guys having nothing left to lose I'm expecting a full blown donnybrook in that squared circle. 

FUCKING SICKEST vs HUCKAMANIA will be Fight #6 out of 23 this Friday night. 

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