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This RNR19 Dwarf Fight Will End In A KNOCKOUT

No disrespect to SMIDGE THE DOORMAN but I believe BEAUTIFUL BOBBIE JO has the best shot at landing a lightweight division knockout this Friday night. She may be losing the height & reach advantage by 3 inches but that didn't stop her from getting a few knockdowns in her debut match against 4'7'' LIL JESS...

And on top of that she's got top tier athleticism thanks to her family being 3rd generation dwarf wrestlers. Her brother Dylan "HEARTBREAKER" Tovey is also (1-0) at RNR and will be facing off against the BMFD champion "DYNAMITE" Jeremy Smith once his wrist heals up. 

LIL SADIE is in great shape but can she keep up with the extreme aggression likely coming her way? I'm sure Tiny Texie gave her a rundown of what RNR is like but any bit of advice goes out the window once that bell rings. 

That's why I'm predicting a 2nd round KO for BEAUTIFUL BOBBIE JO this Friday night on December 9th. Watch every fight on with 48 hour replay

PS: I do think SMIDGE has a good chance of landing a KO too, he's been training like a maniac since his last event and is a hometown hero in Providence. If he can feed off that arena energy and use his height advantage watch out for THE DOORMAN.