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Check Out This Incredible Video Of Lionel Messi’s Huge Goal Vs. Australia

LIONEL MESSI!! Thirty-five years young and still racing all over the pitch showing all these young guns how it's fucking done. You love to see it.

What an angle on this video, by the way. Right up close and personal for Messi's set piece on the free kick. Although that initial effort didn't work out, Messi played a nice ball up near the penalty arc, hustled in from the wing, took a slick touch pass and finished in the low corner just out of the reach of the Australian keeper.

For all the relative disappointments Messi has experienced at the World Cup during his international career, this year's tournament feels especially wide-open. In the midst of his swan song for the Argentinian side on this particular stage, the captain Messi is playing at an elite level and still serving as a major catalyst for their attack. Let's see if Argentina can hang on and advance to the quarterfinals following Messi's momentous strike.

Here it is from the broadcast angle:

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