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The Netherlands Trying To Use Charles Barkley Against Us Shows How Desperate And Scared They Are

That right there says it all. Trying to use American heartthrob Charles Barkley against us? Just shows how desperate the Dutch are. They are scared of us. It's fine. I'd be scared too if I saw this: 

It's a good thing Charles Barkley always nails his predictions and for sure isn't known for fucking it. 


Anyways, this is what I needed to see. A little Holland hype video. Adorable. If anything it shows how scared they are the US. They are basically screaming it from the mountain top: 

I'd be scared of this too: 

Or this starting XI: 

No Sargent so Ferreria gets the start over Haji Wright. Fine. Whatever. Show us we're dumb for yelling about you, Jesus. Do your job. Zimmerman back in for CCV because that was a situational thing. Fine. Zimmerman was fine as a sub last game, helped save us actually. Just no Wales fuck ups. Let Weah and Pulisic cook. Get Aaronson and Reyna ready please. 

Beat the Dutch/Netherlands/Holland.