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Nothing Gets The Boys Going Quite Like A Double Captain Center Ice Fight

Oh hell yeah, boys. Now that's what I call Olde Time Hockey! Eddie Shore! 

A couple fellas wearing the 'C' on their sweater dropping the mitts at center ice and given 'er a go? Well I'll tell you what, it just doesn't get much better than that. That's the type of thing that fires up both benches for days. Plus it was a great tilt to boot, regardless of if it was captain vs captain. 

Trouba and Tkachuk are two of the younger C's in the league. It brings a tear to my eye to see these young fellas keeping violence prominently in the game of hockey. It gives me hope and inspiration for the future of this game, and boy did I need it. McDavid has zero career NHL fights. I'm sure that Matthews is going to wear the 'C' at some point in his career, he has zero career NHL fights. Eichel was wearing the 'C' in Buffalo, he has zero career NHL fights. Hischier has one fight to his name. 


There's definitely more skill in the NHL today than there's ever been before. But if you're going to be wearing that letter on your jersey, you better be willing to do whatever it takes to lead your men to the W. Brady and Trouba get it. What a fight, what a couple of beauts. 

Sidenote: Brady completed the Gordie Howe Hat Trick when he scored with under a minute left in regulation to tie the game. He had an assist on Stützle's goal in the 2nd, scored with 49 seconds left to send the game to overtime, and then in overtime?

Captain Chucky takes care of business himself. Have yourself a night.