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Jacob deGrom Just Signed A MONSTER Deal With The Texas Rangers And Ohhhh Boy Am I Sad Right Now

Welp, if Passan says it, it's as good as gospel. Jacob deGrom is no longer a Met and holy fuck does that hurt. Why the fuck couldn't Bob Nightengale have tweeted that so we'd at least feel like there was a chance this was all a bad rumor?

Like we said all year on We Gotta Believe, if Jake left it would fucking suck for a myriad of reasons. He's been the face of the franchise for years, everything you want in a superstar, and oh yeah the best pitcher in the goddamn universe...when healthy, which is the other side of this since that is a TON of money for a guy that has thrown 156.1 innings. That is also a bargain if Jake is anywhere close to the guy we've seen since 2018. Even with the 6 years and a fuck ton of money with no state income tax, I still have to imagine that Steve Cohen offered Jake everything he would've wanted. 

If Jake wanted to leave the Mets after all the bullshit LOLMets nonsense over the years, getting fucked in his last contract when his ex-agent was GM of this team with the old shitbag owners, getting passed over for Game 1 of the Wild Card, or any of the other crap that happened behind closed doors during his career that none of us know about. 

The bottom line is this fucking hurrrrrrts if you are a Mets fan, whether you wanted Jacob deGrom back for around $40 million or not. Watching that guy dominate once every five days is unlike anything I've ever experienced as a fan and now he'll be doing it for the Rangers. Absolutely crazy shit that I can't even mentally digest for a few days as the Five Aces of Flushing (and Big Sexy) are all officially gone.

We are discussing this devastation live on We Gotta Believe right now. Come join us for a therapy session if you are a Mets fan or to drink our tears if you are not.