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The UFC Releases Darrick Minner And Bans Fighters From Working With James Krause Amid Gambling Investigation

James Krause has got himself into some DEEP SHIT here, huh?!

How much do you think he regrets doing this interview? Seriously?

It's crazy to watch that clip back knowing it may just be the first domino in a long line of dominos with massive implications on his career and the sport as a whole at the end of it.

If you don't know who James Krause is or what this scandal is all about, check out this blog....

tldr; James Krause made waves a few months ago when he revealed that he made more money gambling on UFC fights/selling his picks than he did from coaching, and shortly afterwards, fighters and their coaches were banned from gambling on fights in the UFC due to potential insider knowledge. 

Just a few weeks after that, one of Krause's fighters (Darrick Minner) went into a fight clearly injured to begin with, and word of that injury got out earlier in the day and swung the line rapidly about an hour before Minner made the walk. That, combined with a bizarre Minner performance, caused for plenty of "fixed fight" allegations where Krause could hypothetically be involved. 

New Jersey has already banned betting on any fights involving Krause, and Ontario/Alberta have banned betting on the UFC altogether because of this. It's a really crazy situation unlike one that MMA has ever seen before.

Today, the UFC officially released Darrick Minner and issued this statement….

“Following the fight involving Darrick Minner on November 5, 2022, UFC was informed by sources that suspicious betting patterns had been observed on the fight. In the weeks following the fight, UFC has been cooperating with multiple ongoing government investigations into the facts and circumstances surrounding that contest.  On November 18, the Nevada State Athletic Commission informed UFC and Minner’s coach, James Krause, that Krause’s license was suspended and would remain so while NSAC conducted an investigation into the matter. UFC has since advised Krause and the respective managers working with impacted fighters, that effective immediately, fighters who choose to continue to be coached by Krause or who continue to train in his gym, will not be permitted to participate in UFC events pending the outcome of the aforementioned government investigations.  Further, UFC has released Darrick Minner from the organization."

“Along with the safety and health of its fighters, UFC believes there is no more important component of professional mixed martial arts than the integrity of the sport.  Weeks prior to the Minner fight, the organization sent formal notification to all fighters and members of their teams that they and certain other defined “insiders” were prohibited from wagering on UFC events. This was an extension of UFC’s pre-existing (and since updated) fighter Code of Conduct as well as a recognition of various state, federal, and international laws and regulations expressly prohibiting conduct that threatens the integrity of the sport including, but not limited to, insider betting based on non-public information, fight-fixing, and other such misconduct.  UFC will continue to take all necessary and appropriate steps to ensure compliance with and enforcement of its policies and those of the jurisdictions in which it operates.”

Essentially, if you train at James Krause's gym - you can't fight in the UFC anymore; at least until the investigation is over and his name is cleared. It's not looking good for him to be let off scot-free, though, if you're askin me. This definitely feels like a move for the UFC to distance themselves from Krause before something bad comes out. Obviously take that with a grain of salt, because that's pure speculation on my part, but that's what it feels like to me.

This is going to impact plenty of fighters, most notably Brandon Moreno (less than two months from a fourth fight with Deiveson Figueiredo)….

….and you've gotta feel for them at least a little bit. They may have to relocate their camps and everything depending on what happens here, and they don't deserve that headache! Not one bit!

It seems like James Krause fucked around and he's finding out, though.