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American Balls Of Steel: Christian Pulisic Is Officially Cleared To Play Tomorrow

You hear that? That sound is balls of steel rattling around Qatar from the US camp. That's Christian Pulisic coming back to be a hero again for the country. There was never a doubt that Christian Pulisic would miss the game after he posted this: 


Or when he said this: 

This is vital. I can't stress how important Pulisic is to our team. I'm not here to argue who is the best player or anything like that. But Pulisic has our assist and goal. He's linked up to Weah a couple times now. He's a guy who is drawing attention from opponents and controlling the ball. Now he has a chance to cement to his legacy, even if he doesn't realize it yet: 

So yeah I'm pumped that we can go to sleep tonight knowing that Christian Pulisic and his balls of steel are playing. Beat Netherlands.