12 Years Of Spite: Ghana Lost But Fans Are Still Going Wild And Partying Just Because Uruguay Got Knocked Out

This is the type of spite I need in my life. 12 years building up to one moment. Ghana lost 2-0 to Uruguay today, but they didn't give a shit. Uruguay got knocked out because South Korea scored in stoppage time. 12 years of screaming. 12 years of hating Uruguay because of this Luis Suarez move: 

Now was there a simple solution? Yes. Don't miss the PK. Plus it's a smart move by Suarez to save the goal there. Uruguay ended up winning in PKs and advancing from the quarterfinals. Suarez refused to apologize for it this week (why would he?). But that doesn't matter to Ghana. They fucking hate Uruguay because of this. 

So when South Korea beat Portugal in stoppage time, they did the only appropriate answer. Mocked Uruguay. That's what you do to a team you hate. Hey, if we're going down, you're coming with us. I'm not one to celebrate a loss, but this is a spite loss. That's different. The beauty of the World Cup. You just never know where a rivalry will come from.