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Missouri Is The Softest Team In College Football For Reportedly Refusing To Play Kansas In The Liberty Bowl

Action Network — The Border War between Missouri and Kansas has been dormant since 2011, but there was an opportunity for the iconic rivalry to resume in the Liberty Bowl this month.

There was just one problem: Missouri didn’t want to play Kansas, so the matchup will not happen, industry sources told Action Network.

The Jayhawks, who are making their first bowl appearance since 2008, were not opposed to playing the Tigers in a bowl, sources said.

Schools provide their bowl preferences and the conferences, bowls and schools usually come to an agreement whenever possible. It’s not unusual for schools to request not playing certain opponents in the postseason, sources said.

The Liberty Bowl is one of three that matches SEC vs. Big 12 opponents. The other two are the Sugar and Texas bowls. Missouri and Kansas are both 6-6.

Well this is just about the biggest load of bullshit I've ever heard.

So let me get this straight: Missouri had a chance to revive one of the best rivalries in college football which hasn't been played in more than a decade, said they wouldn't do it and then the SEC and Liberty Bowl just went along with that? We're letting 6-6 Missouri make these decisions?

I've seen some Mizzou fans on Twitter say the Tigers don't want to play in the Liberty Bowl because it's the same day as the Missouri-Kentucky basketball game, which is the worst excuse of all-time. You're refusing to play a football game against your alleged biggest rival because of a basketball game that you're going to lose by 20 points? That's not how we do business in the Southeastern Conference, friends.

But that's not even a legitimate excuse, it's just something convenient to cover up the fact Mizzou is scared of getting boat raced by Kansas. The SEC and Liberty Bowl should step in and explain to that little bitch Eliah Drinkwitz that you will play the Jayhawks in Memphis and like it. We don't negotiate with terrorists or tiny dick football programs.

This is a disservice to both Missouri and Kansas fans and it makes the Tigers look like the biggest pussies in college football — if having Drinkwitz at the helm didn't accomplish that already. I hope someone steps in and explains to the Tigers they can either go play Kansas in the Liberty Bowl or sit at home like the glorified version of Vanderbilt they are.