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NYC Is Now Offering $170,000 A Year To Become The City's Head Of Rat Killing

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STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Some people couldn’t get elected dog catcher, but New York City government wants to know who could be its rat killer, Mayor Eric Adams announced Wednesday.

City officials posted an application for the position, officially known as the director of rodent mitigation, that comes with a salary as high as $170,000 annually.

Throughout his years in elected office, the mayor has made the demise of rats one of his main focuses often with a kitschy undertone, and Wednesday’s announcement was no different.

“Do you have what it takes to do the impossible? A virulent vehemence for vermin? A background in urban planning, project management, or government? And most importantly, the drive, determination and killer instinct needed to fight the real enemy – New York City’s relentless rat population?” the job posting asks in its “about the role section.”

“If so, your dream job awaits: New York’s Citywide Director of Rodent Mitigation,” the ad continues beckoning a would-be rodent eradicator.

Finally the city spends money where it's needed as rats are out of control in New York. In recent years they are eating pizza, they are in every subway station, it's only a matter of time before they save up enough money move into an overpriced apartment and hit bottomless brunch on the weekends like real New York residents. The rats are gaining too much power. 

I obviously don't condone animal violence but it does seem like the city is making a very clear move here to help a situation that needs addressing. The question I have here is do we really think anyone can actually be qualified for this? Or is this job application opening the door to a bunch of wackos who just want to get paid and torture animals? I worry it's the latter. And in this city the line of wackos FARRRRR exceeds the line of qualified applicants.

Don't believe me? There's already a vigilante group of rat hunters in NYC.

Bottom line for me is this. I think it's great the city is trying to rid itself of rats, but I think in terms of content we need a camera in these interviews with these people if the above video is any indication of what kinda of people hunt rats. Stream the thing for the people … give us what we want.