Excuses Are Starting: Netherlands Reportedly Has A Flu Outbreak On The Team, Blaming Qatar's Air Conditioning Units

[Source] - Netherlands manager Louis van Gaal could be sweating over the availability of some of his key players ahead of Saturday's World Cup last-16 clash against the USA. The Dutch camp has been hit by a flu outbreak, likely due to the extreme air conditioning in Qatar, with crucial midfielder Frenkie de Jong among those affected.

Nope I'm not falling for it. I'm not going to let the Netherlands dictate excuses a day before the Round of 16 match. If that's the case, we're allowed to talk about Christian Pulisic's balls and Josh Sargent's leg. But then again, we're the USA baby, we don't make excuses. We get onto the field and play our asses off. 

Hey, last time I checked the US was playing in Qatar too. Not like the Netherlands had some disadvantage playing in the dumbest country to host a World Cup. We're dealing with air conditioning units, because, again, the World Cup is being held in the fucking desert. They aren't the first team to say this too: 

Our boys are complaining about a cough. Even if having a cough is legit the worst thing in world. I'd rather have a stomach bug and can't stop pissing out of my ass than the sore throat/cough. You feel like you can't drink anything yet you drink so much you start peeing every 5 minutes. Just the worst. No, not our boys though. Our boys are talking about trying to make our country proud: 

I wouldn't be surprised if this is some mental games from Dutch/Holland/Netherlands. Try to get the excuses out there as the favorite to advance. I don't give a shit. Beat Netherlands.