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Jerry O'Connell Has The Perfect Comparison For Who Jets QB Zach Wilson Looks Like

Kathy Hutchins. Shutterstock Images.

On today's Pardon My Take… JERRY O'CONNELL! The longtime recurring guest and fan favorite joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on the show to break down all angles of the fantasy football season, a new poem for Hank, and much more. 

A hot topic on the show recently has been the issues with New York Jets QB Zach Wilson. Billy thinks his ceiling is Patrick Mahomes, but others believe his future with Gang Green may be in jeopardy. That brings us to this interview with JOC, where the actor had quite the comparison for the appearance of Zach Wilson. Take a look…

Mr. Cat: So, I got a question for you. As a Jets fan, Billy said that Zach Wilson's ceiling is Patrick Mahomes…

Jerry O'Connell: Patrick Mahomes, I listened to the show. I think Billy is not right. I think he is completely incorrect. I love it, I love that that was a quotable point, but, you know, I tend to agree, I forget who said it there, it's funny, I was looking at a photo because all the articles right now are about, are sort of like, Zach Wilson sort of standing on the sidelines of practice. And whoever said it: he is too hot to be a starting QB. 

Mr. Cat: yeah, yeah.

Mr. Commenter: He's got to play tougher if he's going to be that hot. 

Mr. Cat: He looks like he has a Instagram filter on at all times.

Mr. Commenter: He's very boyish.

Jerry O'Connell: He's so hot. He actually, you know, I am an actor here in Los Angeles. We go to the gym a lot, we work on our fitness, chest and bi's, chest and bi's, and he looks like a CW actor that I auditioned with. He looks like a guy that I see at auditions, and I'm like, "Who is this dude?" Someone who just came from like a small town and is going to try and hit it big in LA, right before they like start the steep decline of addiction, and like everything is not going to go their way. And then before you know it, they're hooking and then you see them on Hollywood Boulevard and they're selling their bodies, you know?

Mr. Commenter: Tale as old as time, yeah.

Mr. Cat: He's right there. He's at the edge of the cliff. 

Jerry O'Connell: He looks like he just got off the bus in Hollywood and he thinks he's going to make it as an actor. And within week's, he'll be hustling. 

Mr. Commenter: His dream are about to get shattered. He does look like like a boyfriend from Gilmore Girls that, like, broke up with one of the chicks because, I don't know, she wasn't rich enough. And he's going off to law school or something. 

Mr. Cat: Georgetown Law.

Mr. Commenter: He does have that CW vibe to him for sure, that's a good description for him.

This conversation right here is just another reason why Jerry O'Connell is an elite Pardon My Take guest. He can range from fantasy football talk to comparing QB's to actors. Love to see it. Always a great time on the show with JOC!