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My Favorite Insults From The Internet Thinking I'm Actually Dating A 6'2 Giantess Queen

So yesterday we had our episode of Only Stans premiere with a wonderful 6'2 Giantess named Marie Temara which you can watch with the link above. It was a GREAT interview which you should 100% check out, but my personal favorite part of the whole saga may have been both the Viva La Stool account & Barstool Sports main account posting this photo on Twitter. 

That may or may not have led to an army of angry dudes thinking I'm ACTUALLY dating a girl that's 6 inches taller than me (our queen Marie is clearly in heels in this photo) so let's dive into some of my personal favorite insults I came across because, frankly, they're hilarious.

I personally thought she was a 10 next to me but whatever. Scumbag.

Ok realistically I'm 5'8 3/4 I'm not 3'8!!!

Yeah she obviously loves me for me and not my billions of dollars? Since I'm a known billionaire.


This is a clean shot. Those shoes can be mistaken for homeless 10/10 times. I work in Manhattan, it's not easy to keep your white shoes clean for fuck's sake!

Okay this one was fucking funny.

I think a step stool isn't generous enough. I would need a goddamn ladder!

This one was simply uncalled for! Even if all 3 are true.


$17 actually, but who's counting?

Some things!

All in good fun! Once again, check out the newest episode AND our Only Fans Only Stans account. We're gonna be dm'ing content from previous guests and what not on there as well. All can be found in the link tree below! Have a good weekend, folks.