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'They Thought They Had A Chance To Win The Game, They Did Not' - Adama Sonogo, Letting The World Know UConn Is Back

Goddamnit. I hate how much I love this quote. Mostly because UConn is the one team, the only team, that can brag to me. They are my kryptonite. They are Calipari's kryptonite. Now here they are looking like a top-5 team and the best team in the Big East - sorry Creighton. It's true though. UConn is the best team in the Big East and don't really think it's much of a debate right now. 

I know Sanogo isn't trying to talk as much shit as it sounds here, but this is his quote after beating Oklahoma State last night. While Sanogo is going to get much of the praise - and rightfully so - Andre Jackson is such a game-changer for them. Look at some of these plays highlighted by Vecenie: 

I enjoy when UConn is good because their fans (while annoying) are fucking lunatics in the best way. I love arguing, talking, discussing the game with people who truly love college basketball and there ain't shit else to do in Storrs, Connecticut. Now comes my concern which is Hurley coaching from this point of view. His best teams - and the way he likes to coach - is the underdog, gritty, ugly type teams. He has them starting that way to begin the year but now everyone is talking about UConn as a potential Final Four favorite. How do you keep this sort of defensive level up when you're going to be favored in all but probably 3 or 4 games the rest of the year? 

But what a quote by Sanogo. He wasn't wrong, UConn won by 10.