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If you didn't know it yet, Liverking is on steroids. 


Liver King is coming back from the email leak with an apology video that is pretty up there in all-time apology videos. In the video, he outlines that the allegations are true and that he is indeed on multiple hormone replacement therapies with assistance from a professional. In his apology video, he explains that he crafted the "Liver King" persona not to sell supplements or to become rich because before he became a public figure, he was already rich, and his companies were already successful. This is pretty fucking hilarious. "I can't be a scam artist because I was already rich" lmao. He also claims the only reason he created the persona was not for gain but to spread the message of his Ancestral Tenants in order to "Save" the thousands of people who commit suicide or attempt suicide and those who struggle with anxiety and depression. He blames the majority of the world's problems on not following the 9 Ancestral tenants. He also denies claims he had ab implants or gene editing therapy in Singapore. He continues on to say the reason he used PEDs was that his natural HGH levels were low, and he mentally and physically needed them because, in his old age, they deteriorated. He also comments he was part of the population that had mental health issues before he started the ancestral tenants. He said he lied about steroids in order to prevent younger fans to not using steroids. 

Here's the deal. I am on team Liverking. His existence helps me do my job. We read about him whether you like him or not, and his existence is just awesome or hilarious. What we do know is he still was guzzling raw Testicles and Liver. If you didn't know he was on something, then you are either a child or have never been in the gym before. I forgive Liver King because I myself once saw all the people he inspired to live his ancestral tenants and his lifestyle changes. I do believe help people improve their lives. I was in Time Square with Liver King doing pushups with hundreds of inspired Primals. 

He also didn't say this, but it would have been hilarious if they did. 

Liver King helps bloggers like me blog, so I am pro LiverKing 

(Liverking, if you are reading this, send me some liver capsule supplements you owe me)