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Gen Z Now Wants To Get Rid Of Santa Clause Because “It’s Too Traumatizing To Children To Find Out He *Redacted*”

Fox News- The hashtag #SantaIsntReal is trending on TikTok as Gen Z parents say they don't want to 'lie' to their kids about Santa.

In a sign of how screwed we are as a society, some Gen Z parents are refusing to allow their children to believe in Santa Claus, because they will be "traumatized" when they find out he’s not real.

Get out the charcuterie board, we need all of the cheese for this wine.

The hashtag "SantaIsntReal" has been trending with tens of millions of views on TikTok as Gen Z thinks they are better than everyone else and wants to screw up Christmas of all things. Never fear, Gen Z parents are here and have ALL the answers!

One person made a video with tens of thousands of views letting everyone know that she told her 3-year-old that Santa wasn’t real. "Telling kids that Santa is real is a lie, and I don’t believe in building my kids up on a lie," Sierra McKenzie told the New York Post.

Another mother commented, "I don’t want to scare my children into thinking that they have to behave a certain way or that they were more ‘naughty or nice,' than another child based on Christmas gifts."

Gen Z parents are arguing that when children eventually find out that Santa isn’t real, that it is very traumatic.

Imagine believing Santa Clause isn’t real? 

I feel like we’re living in the end of Elf right now where the hot news reporter gets out in her place by James Caan’s (rip) son. Not Scott, the even shorter guy playing his son in the movie.

What comes after Gen Z because I think we're all ready for it. 

Google- what the fuck is generation z?

Answer: Ages between eight and 23 years old, generation Z or the post-millennial generation will take the lead in a few decades.

I used to think it was just millennials who sucked but man oh man.

These guys have brought nothing to the table but drama and stress. Am I missing anything? 

They’re gonna be the ones to usher in the sit on your ass, never leave your house, and live life through the metaverse shit that Zuck and Elon are pushing too. Can’t forget that. 

But back to the whole Santa thing. Do you know what an entitled, spoiled, out of touch moron you have to be to think finding out a mythological character who flies around the globe delivering presents, in a sleigh propelled by reindeer, drinking milk, and sliding up and down chimneys all in 24 hours doesn’t exist is traumatic

What I would love to ask these Gen Z’ers that are softer than baby shit, is why stop at Santa? What other things that aren’t real can we cancel? And then justify based on being trauma inducing? True love? Religion? The moon landing?

Stop trying to change everything. Literally everything. Worry about stuff that actually matters and let people enjoy what they enjoy. 

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p.s. - can't drop "Santa Clause Is Comin To Town" in a blog without the GOAT edition