The Tampa Rays Just Handed Out Their Biggest Free Agent Deal In Team History To Friend Of The Program Zach Eflin


Couple bigger things at play here than just Zach Eflin signing with the Rays. Simple reaction is obviously good for him assuming this is exactly the deal he wanted. 3 years in Tampa for $40M might as well be worth 10 years and $150M with how everyone turns out down there. Ponce de Leon could've been on to something. 

Meanwhile it makes me think harder about Jacob deGrom heading home to Florida. The Rays got lumped in earlier this week and of course that's instantly met with shock and surprise. Their ownership is historically, notoriously and even (allegedly) criminally cheap. But it's been years of sustained success and playoff runs and maybe even a new stadium down the road. Bright future anyone? I say yes. 

Same time the Rays probably aren't signing two veteran free agent starting pitchers. Probably not. Just a hunch. So this also moves against any idea of deGrom going to Tampa based on common sense. 

But lurking deep down is maybe the Rays have been waiting their entire existence to make a splash and now the time is here. Wouldn't that be some shit? They come out and add $120M out of fuckin NOWHERE and absolutely dust the AL East for the next 3-5 years. That would be fuckin rich. Let me tell ya. 

As for Eflin. He's a big bastard with all the fixings. The exact kind of player the Rays turn into a perennial all star. The exact kind of situation that makes you hate your own club because they never hit on these moves. That's what I think when I see Eflin to the Rays. 18-5 with a 2.26 inbound. 

More on Starting 9. Probably a bunch of big moves coming next week. Get caught up here. 

PS - we talk about Eflin maybe more than any other guy in MLB that hasn't been on the show. Even so this is a win for Starting 9. All our guys deserve to get paid.