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Pro Arm Wrestler TRAPZILLA Guarantees A KNOCKOUT On December 9th

LET THE BIG BOYS BRAWL BABY! We have one of our best Super Heavyweight Title matchups ever coming next Friday night when TRAPZILLA takes on THE AMERICAN REDNECK in Providence. And this fight will be an absolute slobberknocker. 

In his 2 victories TRAPZILLA has landed a vicious KO in both and has come a long way since his 1 loss at RNR14. Not just with his skills in the ring but also his mental health + overall well being. Huge salute to him for maintaining that discipline & keeping those demons at bay…

He's gonna need every ounce of that clean energy facing off against THE AMERICAN REDNECK who may only be (1-0) at RNR but has proven himself plenty capable in the West Virginia tournament scene and he's also full of blue collar blood that doesn't back down from anyone.

But he could be rusty since he hasn't fought since RNR17 and never defended his belt before either. TRAPZILLA is already talking about fighting Stephen "PRIMETIME" Young, the Canadian who beat COACH DUGGS, so he's certainly got no lack of confidence. All I know is both of these brawlers are some tough motherfuckers who don't pussyfoot around the ring trying to play defense for 3 minutes. This fight is gonna be all out war and unfiltered madness. 

Watch along with 20 other matchups on next Friday night on December 9th… Broadcast starts at 8 pm ET with Big Cat's national anthem at 8:05 pm