Casey Anthony Is Going Viral For Ripping It Up At A Concert Months Before Her New Documentary Came Out

Source - Casey Anthony, who was once accused of killing her daughter, seems to be dancing through all the drama without a care in the world ... ahead of her controversial documentary, as evidenced in a newly surfaced video.

The formerly accused and acquitted killer was spotted letting her hair down, and dancing onstage with the band Steel Panther back in March ... and that video is just now making rounds on social media.

As noted, the timing is interesting considering she recently opened up about her side of things during her first on-cam sit-down, since being acquitted, for a new Peacock documentary, "Casey Anthony: Where the Truth Lies."

The Video:

Let me say this loud and clear...I am not defending Casey Anthony. She's a certifiable monster and one of the worst people on the planet. HOWEVER, after watching that documentary I have some questions. Primarily why she waited eleven years to blame the entire thing on her father, but I get it. IF she was abused her story makes sense despite what Kevin Clancy says...

What doesn't make sense is why the internet is losing its mind over the fact that she went to a concert in March, eight months before her documentary came out. I mean what's she supposed to do? Sit around the house for the rest of her life? Not go out? Not try to be normal? Again, I understand who this woman is and what she was accused of doing, but the outrage over her going to a concert is ridiculous. Get something real to worry about, folks. That's really all I have to say on this one. Watch the doc if you haven't already. Thanks for reading.