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Lukaku Fumbled A Hat Trick Of Absolute GOLDEN Chances And Belgium Is Now Eliminated

Three strikes and you're out of the tournament. Lukaku cost Chelsea $100M and he couldn't convert ONE of the cookies right on his foot to send Belgium, a tournament favorite, to the knockout round. Absolutely astounding. Lukaku was crying as the final whistle blew and he should because he missed so many chances that it felt like he was throwing the game. Like maybe the Congolese man who plays for Belgium was trying to get some revenge on King Leopold. No other explanations. Belgium's golden generation is #Finished. 

That was absolutely brutal to watch. That is what makes this tournament great. The margin for error is so small. Belgium took took long to get going in this tournament and once they finally did get their offense going in the 2nd half Lukaku couldn't finish ANY of the grade A chances he was on the end of. Tournament is impossible to predict.