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Christian Pulisic Sets The Record Straight On His Gigantic Balls And They Are Just Fine

I touched on this a little bit in my previous blog, but I figured this deserved its own blog. We're here trying to get ready for the Dutch/Holland/Netherlands while also worrying about our hero's balls. This is what I needed to see though. He didn't get hit in the balls. I refuse to believe it. I still think he caught a knee to the balls no matter what he says. Maybe he didn't want the world to keep talking about his balls, but they are too gigantic not to. He made a play to put his body on the line to win a game for his country. I will applaud that for any American. 

I need a full update though. I'm not buying pelvic contusion. That's just a fancy word for he got drilled in the dick and/or balls. I need Pulisic to tell me his dick is fine too. What I do feel good about is the fact that it was reported the US has a pelvic specialist on staff. That's big brain thinking. That's how we get ready for the Netherlands on Saturday. Get Pulisic working with the pelvic specialist all week. 

All I know is we need him for Saturday. Pulisic has been good in the World Cup. He's our guy creating chances even as teams target him. That and get Gio some playing time please. But Pulisic wants the record straight. His balls are fine.