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This Is Just Smart: Jonah Hill Is Trying To Legally Change His Name ...... To Jonah Hill

I love this move so much. Everyone knows him as Jonah Hill so just legally go by it. I wonder how many people know his last name was/is Feldstein. Jonah Feldstein doesn't get the job of Seth or Donnie. Jonah Hill does. It just makes life easier if the entire world knows you by one specific name. I'm looking at you Clem. I think Clem should legally change his name to just that. One name, simple. Like Seal. I won't say Clem's real name because it ruins the aura around him. You can't watch the Snack God and call him by his real name. 

 I know this is commonplace in the world of movie stars. They go by a stage name because it sounds better. Like Dan Patrick, it sounds like a real name but it's not. I can't imagine going through life having everyone in the world call me something that's not my real name. Sort of like wrestlers too. How do you always respond to someone calling you a different name? Sure it might sound weird at 35 I still go by Bobby but that's because my old man had dibs on Bob. Can't change it now. It was decided for me. And fuck outta here with Robby Reagan. 


I know Aaron Paul did this recently and I think everyone who is similar should do the same. If you go by a stage name that's your first name/middle name or something like that you should legally have to change it. I can't be confused if I see a story and it doesn't use their real name. Need my brain to work properly here. At least it's a simple change too. As a father of 2 I have to say coming up with names kind of suck. It's tough to do because you don't want to ruin their life but you have to get someone else to agree with you. It's nearly impossible. Consider this a petition though to make Clem legally change his name. 

PS: Jonah Hill's best role is in Grandma's Boy