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Hugh Freeze Tells Every Recruit To Show Him Their Ankles So Freeze Can Tell If They're Athletic Or Not

Auburn recruits, be on the lookout: Hugh Freeze wants to see those ankles. I guess the hookers aren't the only ones Hugh is telling to take their pants off.

Now I'm not a football coach, but it seems to me like the entire coaching staff and scouting department that exist within a college football program could watch film on a player actually playing football and that would give some pretty good information on whether he's athletic or not. But no, Hugh needs to get a look at the ankles.

I really hope there was a kid at Ole Miss or Liberty that everyone loved and Freeze didn't take because he didn't pass the ankle test. I would actually like to see a list of players who didn't pass the ankle test and went on to play at other schools to see how many of them were good players and how many were busts. We just have to take Hugh's word for it right now and that hasn't turned out well for anyone in the past. But if you're a prospective football student-athlete with skinny ankles, you might just have a spot at Auburn.

Shoutout to Miss Brittany, by the way. What a legend.