REPORT: The FDA Allows Rat Hair, Bug Legs, Animal Shit And Other Disgusting Things In Food


There is probably trace amounts of animal poop, rat hairs and insect skin in some of your favorite foods — and the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is OK with it.

The average 17oz jar of peanut butter is legally allowed to contain up to five rodent hairs and still meet the agency's regulatory standards.

Every store-bought 3oz bag of popcorn can ship with one rat poop pellet and a standard 1.5oz bar of chocolate is allowed up to 30 insect parts.

Insect fragments include legs, antenna and other parts of the bugs that can find their way mixed into the products. These 'food defects' end up in food during the harvesting of raw materials, and during the manufacturing process.  

The FDA says that it is 'economically impractical' for manufacturers to grow and harvest these products without at least some minor contamination.

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Just a few weeks back I was in NYC and was on Lowering The Bar. We were tasked with eating potato chips that were "pussy" flavored. I choked them down - and admitted to the camera that they tasted just like standard chips, which seemed to be the consensus of everyone who tried them - and the mental block of knowing what they were supposed to taste like made me want to yack.*** 

I have the weakest stomach of all time. I am a yyyyuuuuggggeeee bitch about eating anything labeled as "gross". I don't even like eating lobster because I remember hearing they're a type of roach, and the word "roach" gives me the willies. I know I reek of machismo and brutishness, but that's not completely the case. I can't do gross food. Never could, never will.

I even puked when I watched Sydnie Wells gut Carl, the deer I killed last fall. Saw Carl's intestines spill into a big ass bucket and just hurled everywhere. Again - weak stomach. 

And now I gotta take peanut butter out of my diet. Kinda. I'll still eat it, but I'll definitely have the thought that there might be rat hairs in it in the back of my head. Same with cockroach legs in my Hershey's bars. It's fucked up and quite frankly I'm not sure it's a life I want to live. 

"Ignorance is bliss", as they say. I didn't need to know this shit. None of us did. If they tell me there's daddy long leg legs in ground beef or grasshopper antennas in my Honey Bunches of Oats, then I really might die of starvation. I'm nauseous just thinking about this. It's like learning how hot dogs are made:

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