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Prince William Would Make A Better NBA GM Than Bryan Colangelo

Little known fact about my boy Prince Willy--he knows ball. 

Sure, he could just check out the highlights at the end of the night. Sure, he could just read the reports or peruse through the stats. But when it comes to actually assessing and judging the game? Pee Dubs knows he needs to see it for himself. And when he sees Jayson Tatum splashing 3 after 3, he knows that what he's seeing is some very good ball. 

What's crazy is the fact that Bryan Colangelo, a man who was paid millions of dollars to actually run a basketball team, couldn't see that. Instead, he traded out of the 3rd pick of the 2017 NBA Draft to select a point guard who just completely forgot how to shoot a basketball in Markelle Fultz. 

Could you imagine if Prince Williams were the GM of the Philadelphia 76ers back then instead of Colangelo? The Sixers would be going for their 4th straight championship this year. And I'll tell you what--Prince Willy sure as shit wouldn't have sided with Ben Simmons over Jimmy Butler. Even if he wasn't around for the 2017 Draft debacle, he would have sent Ben's ass packing years ago. This man loves to see the 3-ball. I don't know if he would have had a soft spot for Ben because he's Australian and he's the Heir apparent to the Monarchy of Australia. But if Ben never developed a jump shot then as a ball fan, I don't think Prince William would have any other option. Dude knows ball, he loves ball, he breathes ball, and he lives ball.