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The Rose Bowl Has Signed An Agreement Which Will Allow The College Football Playoff To Expand To 12 Teams In 2024

It looks like we'll see a 12-team College Football Playoff sooner than expected, with the Rose Bowl — which we still allow to hold everything in college football hostage for some reason — agreeing to the expanded field beginning in 2024. Next season will be the 10th and final four-team Playoff.

I think most fans are on board with an expanded CFP. With expansion of some kind being inevitable, I would have liked to see a more incremental move to six or eight teams before jumping all the way to 12, but it is what it is. While a 12-team field does inarguably take a little bit away from some great regular season games, it makes up for it with more teams in the hunt and on-campus Playoff games.

A 12-team CFP this season would feature games at Neyland Stadium, Beaver Stadium, The Big House and on and on.


For those who haven't necessarily been clamoring for an expanded Playoff — including myself — looking at that list of games does have to make you a little bit excited. Sure, college football's appeal has always been the importance of the regular season, but the Playoff has taken up an inordinate amount of attention and coverage since its inception. Tennessee won 10 regular season games for the first time in nearly two decades this year and people are talking about the Vols like they had a bad season because they won't be in the Playoff. Don't expand it to 64 teams, but if the CFP is going to be the only marker of a good season, then it should probably include more than four.

Two years from right now, we'll be getting ready for eight on-campus College Football Playoff games. Let's ride.