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This Mexican Soccer Fan Stabbing His TV To Death With A Knife Was A Perfectly Acceptable Way To React To Mexico Getting Eliminated From The World Cup

I didn't think this when I woke up this morning, but after seeing that video, I believe the only proper reaction to getting your guts ripped out in the World Cup is to rip the guts out of your TV that had the unmitigated gaul to play the loss for you on its screen. This guy didn't do all that research about brightness settings, glare levels, and pixels for that TV to show his country being eliminated in Group Play by Saudi Arabia, which will now lead to four years of waiting for the next World Cup. He should keep stabbing that screen until it said Mexico had enough goals to advance or it turned off because its motherboard was sliced to shit (TVs have motherboards, right?).

I'm also at the point where I feel like every reaction video I see like this is fake. But for some reason, I trust when it happens in another country during the biggest sporting event on the planet after they get eliminated in the opening round. In fact, I'd be shocked if this week wasn't the bloodiest week for TV murders across the world, with millions getting killed by fist, knife, gun, or the head of a fan of the opposing country.

I know that the U.S. isn't a big country for soccer (which the sport will now be known as in all meeting for the 2026 World Cup since we went further than the other two host countries in Mexico and Canada). But I cannot get enough of the reaction videos, whether it's win, lose, or draw.