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Good Effort: Portland Bible (Shocking A Real College) Showed Up To A Division I Game With Just 6 Players ... Lost By A Ho-Hum 83 Points

I actually think the opposite here, main account. This isn't a Bishop Sycamore situation. There's no way Portland Bible attempted to say anyone was good. Look at the roster!

Only six of them showed up. Nothing like rocking a roster of 5'8", 5'10", 6'2", 6'4" and 6'6" to go against a real Division I basketball team. That's how you lose by 83 points. If that's not enough you go to their website and this is what you see: 

Begging people to come practice with them and fill out a sheet. Wonder if I get a free shirt if I do that? I've seen my fair share of promos recently but I really need a free shirt to do this. I need someone in the Portland area to do this. I mean I would, but I'm not going to Portland to some fucking bible college. No chance. Someone go and let me know what the coach is like. I need to know. 

I say all this but I gotta give them credit. I meant good effort with complete sincerity in my headline. They scored 31 points. That seems like a miracle. They had 25 turnovers, which also seems low. Good for them. I'll be honest though. I was cheering for the shut out. Thought we were gonna get it there for a second. This game was even available to watch for everyone. The announcers started plugging a music podcast and got into a discussion about Thanksgiving food. Basically Twitter in real life.