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'Fuck You' - Jerry Stackhouse Goes Ballistic On Refs, Has To Get Escorted Off The Court

This is how you get ejected. Now you may be asking why is Jerry Stackhouse screaming fuck you at a couple refs here? Well, because *shockingly* they gave a technical foul for 'taunting.' Basically someone on Vandy did the head tap after a dunk and the refs decided to make the game about them. Some may say Stack shouldn't lose his mind here. I disagree. You should be allowed to threaten a ref when they do something like that. Taunting should be encouraged in sports. Don't want me to celebrate, don't let me score. Also refs seem to forget that people talk shit quite literally at every level of every sport. 

But I gotta give credit to the cop here quick. That was an incredible first step and some speed to get to Jerry. No easy job. He looked like a prime Barry Sanders make his way there. Elusive some would even say. So I'm here to defend Jerry. You should be allowed one freakout per season if a ref gives a taunting call. It's only fair. 

A+ delivery on the fuck you too. That's how you let someone know you're not happy. None of this hand movement or hushed talking. Oh no. Scream that fuck you from the cockles of your heart.