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Kevin Clancy Is Afraid He Will Get Addicted To Ice Cream

Let me first commend Kevin Francis Clancy's taste in ice cream. My cousins turned me onto Caramel Cone a few years ago at a family party and I grab it at the store whenever I have that itch for a bowl of ice cream. It's phenomenal. Kevin has a good eye and taste buds apparently. 

I saw his story yesterday and immediately texted him that I loved Caramel Cone and had another flavor for him to try. He instantly replied "No dude, I don't need anymore, Caramel Cone is ruining my life." I was perplexed by this answer. 

On one hand, if someone loves the same ice cream you love and then offers another suggestion of something they love , wouldn't you be inclined to try it ? Is there such a bad thing as another great ice cream flavor ? Did you happen to see the ingredients in the flavor I suggested and not think it looked good ? Don't you trust me Kevin ? Don't you want to taste what I would strongly say is the best ice cream I have ever tasted ? 

And then on the other hand, I see his point of this caramel cone addiction taking over his life, and that if he did love my suggestion, he would now have 2 ice creams he had to get every grocery store trip, or he would double his consumption. If he ate a pint straight of Caramel Cone for 6 months, he would then be at 2 pints (one of each flavor) moving forward. Would he survive that ? Could anyone survive that ? I guess I should be commending Kevin on realizing he's smashing pints of ice cream as it is, and cannot possibly take any more in his life. 

So to sum things up, I'm upset Kevin doesn't trust my recommendations, but I also respect that it may save his life. I'm also amazed by the fact that this ice cream topped donuts on his list of snacks. 

Did you really think I would get you all the way into this blog and not tell you about the terrific ice cream I recommended ? Here it is … 

Edy's Brownie Brick Road. 

Trust me … also tag KFC in the tweets of you eating it and maybe we can get him to at least try it.