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America Wins Again: Mexico Gets Its Heart Ripped Out And Eliminated From The World Cup In Devastating Fashion

Just when you think America couldn't be on top of the soccer world more, here we are putting CONACAF on our back in the World Cup. Mexico decided to fuck around and get eliminated in heartbreaking fashion. You truly hate to see it: 

Honestly I was cheering for Saudi Arabia not to score here. Why? Because Mexico still would have been eliminated because they had more yellow cards than Poland. Seriously. That was the tiebreaker. Arguably the dumbest tiebreaker in all of sports - Senegal got eliminated this way in 2018 - would have cost Mexico a spot in the knockout round and that would have been hilarious. The best thing though? If somehow Mexico and Poland tie there they just legit pull a name out of the hat. Can't believe we don't have better options than that, but that's what we were staring at. 

Oh and everyone who wants to suck Mexico's dick and shit on USMNT. We haven't lost to them in the last 4 matches with 3 wins. It's been 3 years since Mexico beat us. We've also advanced to the quarterfinals more recently than Mexico considering we beat them in 2002. We also didn't lose and get eliminated from this World Cup. 

Ya hate to see a rival get eliminated in group stage. Can't really relate though. We took care of business, Mexico didn't. That simple. Oh and to think this happened in the same match: 

Gotta play by the rules, Mexico.