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50 Cent Showing Up At The Kings Shootaround Is The Latest Example Of How Powerful The Victory Beam Truly Is

When you think of the early 2000s, what stands out? For something that was only 22 years ago, it feels like another lifetime. Back then, a few things dominated sports and pop culture. In music, you had 50 Cent. Around 2002-03 there may not have been a bigger name in hip hop. Whether it was "In da Club" or "21 Questions" or "Candy Shop" this is what I would describe as 50's musical prime. 

In the NBA, you had the fun as shit Mike Bibby/Chris Webber era Kings. From 2000-01 to 2005-06 they were one of the best teams not just in the West, but in the entire NBA. Their win totals of 55, 61, 59, 55, 50, and 44 were easily the greatest stretch in franchise history and I'll go to my grave believing David Stern boned them out of a title for what he pulled in that Game 7 vs the Lakers in the WCF back in 2001-02. That was absolute bullshit and everyone knows it. 

Fast forward to 2022-23 and I don't think it's a stretch to say that the Kings are one of the best storylines of the early season. While it's true they've hit a little bit of a snag dropped 3 straight, the Kings currently sit above .500 and in the 6th spot out West. Given it's been nothing but pain since that early 2000s era, it's cool to see this team finally get back to having one of their best starts in 16 years. They play a really fun style and guys like Sabonis, Fox, Huerter, Monk etc are all off to great starts which of course can be attributed to the creation of the Victory Beam. That thing changed everything for the better and I couldn't be happier for Kings fans.

So, when your team is playing their best basketball since the early 2000s, it makes complete sense that you bring in one of the biggest names during that era to come and meet with your team. I have no idea what 50 said in that video and I'm not sure it really matters. Who doesn't love 50 Cent? Even though most of the players on this roster were around 2-5 years old when 50 was on top of the world, it's hard to not love a move like this. The vibes in SAC are at an all-time high right now, so credit Mike Brown for finding a way to keep that rolling. 

If the Kings stunk, do you think 50 Cent is coming to their practice today? No chance. But this is the power of The Victory Beam. I can't remember the last time I thought about 50 Cent but here we are blogging about him. The Beam made that possible. Seems like a no brainer to have 50 Cent come to the next game and maybe perform at halftime or some shit. What's he got going on right now? I feel like he probably has some free time.

Meanwhile, the Kings do need to figure their shit out pretty quickly now that both the Mavs and Warriors are starting to figure their shit out. Tonight against the Pacers is a great place to start, because as we know this whole Beam Team thing really only plays if they continue to win. 

Now that they have 50 Cent on board, it feels like maybe the playoff drought will finally come to an end.