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6'2 Giantess Model Reveals The SHORTEST Guy She's Ever Romanced

Well, well, well! This week on Only Stans we have our tallest guest yet in Marie Temara who's a 6'2 self-proclaimed giantess and kind've has a secret Only Fans? She absolutely pops off on TikTok by posting a bunch about her MASSIVE family as her, her mom, and her brothers are known as the family of TikTok Giants while making the news multiple times because of that. We talk about her family, what she posts on her Only Fans, if she's ever gonna venture into Only Fans full-time, her love of short kings, amongst many other things. 

And we're gonna be posting more *CONTENT* from our guests on our Only Stans Only Fans account going forward. Just posted some stuff from former guest Steph Mi yesterday! Check it out.