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The Abel Brothers Are BACK Next Friday Night Including A Fight Against "I EAT ASS"

RNR19 is coming next Friday night on December 9th and the majority of our 20 matchups will be New England vs New York/New Jersey. But there's a handful of fighters who broke the mold and were just too good to pass up for the PPV even if they weren't from those areas. 

THE ABEL BROTHERS a certainly 2 of those brawlers, hailing from Pittsburgh PA and ready to invade Providence with absolutely 0 fear. 

Zach "ASSASSIN KING" Abel is looking to go (3-0) at RNR and will be trying to nab his 3rd straight "3Chi Fight Of The Night" award too. He'll have his work cut out for him against Daniel "DIAMOND HANDS" Amesbury, a minor league hockey player from Danbury who's also the (4-0) heavyweight champion of Ice Wars. 

I've heard he's gonna be rocking a Danbury Trashers jersey in his entrance and he's promising a beatdown like we've never seen before. Either way should be an INCREDIBLE matchup especially with Ryan Whitney on the call and Rear Admiral in the crowd. 


Spencer "Muerte Blanca" Abel is looking for his 1st win at RNR after going (0-2) in some incredibly tough matches including his first where the crimson mask could not be contained. But he shook it off like it was nothing and got in even better shape for his 2nd match. At least the shorts looked sweet. 

But he'll need more than a slick outfit to beat I EAT ASS. He hasn't fought since getting viciously KO'd at RNR13 but before that fight he was one of the top young guns we had vying for title belt contention…

These are just 2 of our 20 matchups coming December 9th on BuyRNR.com… More matchup videos are releasing the rest of this week and you can click through the thread below if you want to see who's posted already. We're gonna get the RNR19 Fight Card with full order out either Friday or Monday so keep an eye out for that too. 


Honestly no hyperbole here… but this card legitimately has the makings of the best boxing show we have ever put on. See you at Amica Mutual Pavilion next Friday night.

Tune in at 8 pm ET next Friday and order with 48 hour replay