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Tiger Woods Deserves A Golf Cart Exemption During Every Tournament For The Rest Of His Life

It is safe to say that it has been a rollercoaster ride for Tiger Woods over the last few years. He won a green jacket in 2019, but has dealt with numerous injuries since then.

The latest one to sideline Tiger was announced this week, as a foot issue has caused him to withdraw from the upcoming Hero World Challenge...

Alright, so let me get this straight: Tiger admits that although he is having trouble walking, he has no issues swinging the golf club or playing the sport. If only there was some sort of vehicle that would be allowed to be driven on the golf course so that a player doesn't have to walk from shot to shot on each hole...

As we discussed in the clip above on today's Pardon My Take… ALLOW TIGER WOODS TO USE A GOLF CART WHENEVER HE WANTS!

We are talking about one of the greatest to ever play the sport here. This isn't some up-and-comer who has won a major or two. This is Tiger. Freaking. Woods. If Tom Brady can take "veteran rest days" on Wednesdays that nobody else gets (which he deserves), why can't we change things up for Tiger?

Luckily, Tiger says that we will still be able to watch him in two competitions in December: The Match (where a cart is permitted) and the PNC Championship with his son Charlie (wild). 

But for all these other events: Let. Tiger. Drive.