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Wild Boston Trivia Event Set With Portnoy, Minihane, Frankettes, & More || (The Dozen: Week 9 Preview & Rankings)

The Dozen Week 9 will be in front of a live crowd In Boston! This week, we got a match-up between Dave Portnoy and Kirk Minihane, The Misfits trying to upset Frank & The Frankettes, and a live-show champion will get crowned among the four teams.  Our correspondent Scoops L'Aguirre has the breakdown…


Here's the bracket…

Now for the matchups…


(2) Frank and The Frankettes
- 2-1-0 Record
- 14.00 Points Per Match
- 3.30 Steals Per Match
- 66% Niche Success Rate
-- Nick: 6.78 PPM
-- KB: 6.11 PPM
-- Frank: 4.44 PPM

Frankettes Category Advantages: NFL, Geography

(19) The Misfits
- 0-1-0 Record
- 10.00 Points Per Match
- 1.00 Steals Per Match
- 100% Niche Success Rate
-- RDT: 4.00 PPM
-- Dante: 4.00 PPM
-- Keegs: 3.67 PPM

Misfits Category Advantages: Music, Celebrity Mashup

The Misfits and Frankettes face off for the first time; however, there is a bit of history between Nick Turani and Kelly Keegs. On Barstool vs. America, Nick got the best of Kelly, where he beat the puzzle/memory specialist every single time they went head-to-head in challenges. Nick is a perennial MVP candidate on statistically the best team in Dozen history; Keegs and the Misfits taking him down would be the ultimate redemption.

While The Misfits aren’t the same team who went to the Season 1 Championship, they aren’t a lay-up either. The new-look Misfits beat Gen XYZ and have gone wire-to-wire with contenders like Team Minihane, Smockin, and The Experts. Going into this game, The Misfits might be a match-up disaster for the Frankettes as Dante’s Music knowledge, RDT’s MLB specialty, and Keegs Celebrity Mashup ability can potentially neutralize The Frankettes in categories they typically dominate.

At the same time, fully expect Frank and the Frankettes to win because that’s what they do.


(3) Team Minihane
- 2-0-0 Record
- 14.50 Points Per Match
- 4.00 Steals Per Match
- 100% Niche Success Rate
-- Kirk: 7.09 PPM
-- Rico: 5.33 PPM
-- Big Ev: 5.09 PPM

Minihane’s Category Advantages: Movies, College Football, College Basketball

(7) Ziti
- 1-1-0 Record
- 15.00 Points Per Match
- 3.00 Steals Per Match
- 0% Niche Success Rate
-- Eddie 8.33 PPM
-- Clem: 6.33 PPM
-- Dave: 4.83 PPM

Ziti’s Category Advantages: Chain Restaurants, NBA

The last time Ziti and Team Minihane played, the game was a barn burner early in Season 2, in which Minihane swept the final round to win by one point.

There are two massive differences between now and then. That game was Dave’s first time as the final answer person, so he misappropriated Ziti’s Double, thinking he could use a Phone-A-Friend on the question. They had not settled into a Niche category yet either. Ziti has massively improved since then, and if they replayed that game against the same Team Minihane, they would win by 3-5 points.  

Unfortunately for Ziti, they are not facing the same Team Minihane as Big Ev replacing Pat has turned an already elite team into an absolute juggernaut. After taking down Flux, Minihane put on a masterclass performance against The Icemen where they did not miss a single question in the second half. The current iteration of Team Minihane looks unstoppable until we see a reason to believe otherwise.


  • The Top 4 remains the same from last week, except XYZ vaulted themselves up from 7 to 5 after beating The Experts and a Ziti loss. Gen XYZ is currently 2-0-0 with their highest ranking ever, a massive difference from last season, in which they went 2-7-0 in the regular season. 
  • The Experts at 6 are getting carried by their fan ranking as they are currently a two-loss team with no wins over teams ranked in the Top 15. Ziti also stays in the Top 7 despite a loss, although they average a colossal 15 points per game.  
  • The Family gets some respect put on their name, leaping from 19 to 12 after their historic comeback win over Ziti.  


  • After a recent cold streak, Reags returns to All-Star form by dropping a 10-point performance, a career-high, and his second time dropping 9 or more points. Reags carried a team to the Dozen Championship before; if John Rich and Feits can hit their category specialties, The Family could do some damage.  
  • This leads us to Rookie of the Week, John Rich. John had a catastrophic game where he burned The Family’s Double Dip and Phone-A-Friend unnecessarily but redeemed himself by stealing The Niche from the Snack God to get The Family their first-ever win.  
  • Large is Defensive Player of the Week as he put Brandon Walker’s brain in a blender the entire game and flexed on everyone with his 90’s movie knowledge.

Enjoy the matches this week! Buy some merch…

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