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Gronk Needs To Watch His Mouth Saying That He Would Whip Our King Eli Manning In Pickleball

I think that Gronk is doing everything right in life. He won his Super Bowls, is on every commercial possible on TV, and will probably wait to play football until at least Week 13, which every smart veteran player should do. Players like Gronk and OBJ should just be a free agent every year then sign a one year deal with a Super Bowl contender around week 14. What's the reason to have a toll on your body all year and maybe not even be on a contending team once you have a ring along with a bunch of cash?

However the Pickleball comment about Eli Manning is just false. I guess you can't judge a book by its cover because if you just looked at Eli Manning, you would never think he was the owner of the New England Patriots, which is why it upsets me that Gronk thinks he can beat Eli in anything. Eli took down Gronk's football father in the Super Bowl twice, which means he can take Gronk down in a simple game of pickleball.

Speaking of pickleball, I don't understand how this sport came about and is taking over the world. For people that don't know, it is basically tennis on a much smaller court with a plastic ball and paddles. To me it looks like a rich person game that I would absolutely dominate at. Like I really don't see any scenario that I lose at this game. Gronk would maybe get one point on me thanks to his pure athleticism but it looks like the easiest game in the world. My motto is if old people can play it, I can dominate the sport.