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Hockey Fans Once Again Fail To Leave The Fighting To The Players, This Time It's A Bloody Brawl Between Avalanche vs Jets Fans

It was just two (2) days ago that I wrote a blog saying hockey fans would be better off just leaving the fighting to the players on the ice. At the time of the fight I'm about to talk about here, it was a mere 24 hours ago. Unfortunately that blog needed like 4 or 5 extra pageviews to really make a difference. Because it's obvious these bozos didn't get a chance to read it before heading to last night's Jets vs Avs game. 

Call me crazy here but I feel like it's exceptionally easy to show up to a hockey game and not find yourself in the middle of a physical altercation at any point throughout the duration of the game. I've been able to accomplish that feat numerous times. Am I just a ridiculously impressive human being? Possibly. Not for me to say. But I think if we're just going off the numbers here, it's easier to not get into a fight during a game than it is to end up in a situation where you're getting your skull bashed into the boards and you're spilling your blood everywhere. 

What we've learned over the past few days is that if you're going to engage in some fan fisticuffs, the least you can do is get as far away from the glass and boards as possible. That appears to be a recipe for disaster. Not just because you're getting your skull slammed up against the boards and now you are leaking everywhere. But because if you're that close to the glass, then that means the players get an up-close look at you while you embarrass the shit out of yourself in the stands. Imagine getting taken out of the game in handcuffs while wearing a Nathan MacKinnon jersey, all while the Nate Dogg is right there on the ice watching the whole thing go down? Demoralizing. You'd have to live with that shame for the rest of your life knowing that a grown man who you love enough to wear his last name across your back now has zero respect for you. Tough to bounce back from that one. 


Sidenote: Lady in the Avs jersey is a total menace. 

Jets won 5-0.