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Paddy The Baddy Accepts Jake Paul's $1mil Sparring Offer (But Jake Has To Come To Vegas)

Our very own Paddy "The Baddy" Pimblett made a comment about Jake Paul's last fight possibly being fixed that rubbed Paul the wrong way this week, and it might've just set up a million dollar sparring match!

Paddy essentially said that while Jake Paul's boxing has gotten pretty good, he believes Paul's fight against Anderson Silva was fixed….

Jake Paul is actually not that bad now - even though I think his fights are fixed. I don’t think the Tyron Woodley KO was fixed because when you get knocked out like that and you land face first, if you’re not unconscious you’re going put your arms out. You can’t help it - that’s a human reaction. But I've seen an angle of a punch he hit Anderson Silva with the other day, when he sat down, and he didn’t even hit him.” Paddy told PubTalk.

Here's the angle of that knockdown that I think Paddy is referring to….

My take on that is: sure, it looks weird when it's slowed down like that - but we're also watching a gassed 47-year-old get sat down for a second (not sent to the shadow realm or anything) from a bad, blurry angle. 

I definitely believe this punch could've knocked him down….

 ….and I definitely don't think Paul's fights are fixed; he's just been a master of choosing the perfect opponents along his boxing journey. They're slowly getting better and better, and are increasingly big names - but they're all old, way outta their prime, and in a bit of an unfamiliar sport (being they're all MMA fighters). For his fights to be fixed would mean he's engaging in HIGHLY illegal activity that could land him in prison over and over again - and pulling it off/fooling millions of people every time. It'd mean Jake was at the helm of some Oceans Eleven mastermind operation and shit. I love Paddy and will go to war with him any day of the week but I do think it's crazy to suggest that.

So Jake hears what Paddy said and he makes the call out video at the top of this blog. He says he'll fly Paddy out to Puerto Rico to spar - in boxing - and if Paddy wins, he'll give Paddy one million dollars. If Jake wins, however, Paddy has to join Jake's startup fighters union - basically "fighters against Dana White" - which he claims is all to help MMA fighters get paid more fairly.

Paddy hopped on TMZ to accept that offer right away, but on his own terms - he ain't goin to Puerto Rico….

Paddy says that Jake can come to the UFC Performance Institute in Las Vegas next week and they can do it a couple days before or after his fight (which is next Saturday). He adds that by the Monday/Tuesday after the fight he'll be up to around 170-180lbs, and that he'd be more than confident in his ability to beat Jake.


Side note: I don't know how you "win" the sparring match in this case - is it just the eye test? Are they just counting knockouts? Or are they bringing in judges? Also why does Jake want Paddy to go to Puerto Rico so bad? Do you think it's like a Portnoy situation where he's gotta spend some more time there to even out his taxes?! I guess that's not so important.

Do I actually believe this million dollar sparring match will happen in my heart of hearts? No. Of course not. Paddy ain't goin to Puerto Rico and I don't think Jake Paul would even be allowed in the UFC Performance Institute. Dana White would probably call up Paddy and tell him to knock this shit off before it got to that point anyway - I doubt fighters under contract can legally have highly-publicized million dollar "sparring matches" with Jake Paul, you know?

It'd be pretty cool if it did happen, though. Me/Dave/Dan are gonna be in Vegas for Paddy's fight and we'd be more than happy to extend our trip to watch Paddy beat up on Jake Paul for a bit. I mean - does Jake even know that scousers don't get knocked out?