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NLE Choppa Is EXACTLY What The Hip Hop Game Needs Right Now. A Young, Talented Guy That Is Wise Beyond His Years With A Great Head On His Shoulders And A Great Outlook On Life

Yesterday we had what was honestly one of the most interesting, hilarious, and inspiring conversations we’ve had all year. It was with a 20 year old kid from Memphis, TN who goes by the name NLE Choppa.

We’re talking about a kid so grounded that his mom manages him, by choice. 

After some tumultuous years in his teens, he made a conscious effort to turn his life around and start living positively.

The result? He’s now vegan, practices meditation, posts gardening tutorials on his YouTube page, reads voraciously, and practices “semen retention”. No seriously.

These are all things we covered in our interview.

We also talked about spirits and other dimensions, aliens, and reincarnation. All things Choppa is very interested in.

His work ethic and writing regimen is wild. Him discussing his latest studio session is enough to make the biggest workaholic self conscious. 

His message of manifesting your dreams, believing in yourself, being a good person, surrounding yourself with good people, and working your ass off is one that the music industry as a whole, and the youths of America in general really need to hear.

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