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There's A Fake Neymar Strutting Around Qatar Doing Whatever He Wants Because Security Can't Stop Getting Fooled

Sure this guy looks identical to Neymar but can we use some form of common sense? I know that might be asking for a lot in Qatar, but come on. You think Neymar is just strutting around the streets? You think Neymar is showing up in the stands for a World Cup match? We're talking about Neymar here. The dude would never do anything like this yet fake Neymar has security in a damn figure four lock. 

Now I don't blame him. Any time you can do whatever you want because people think you're someone else, you gotta. There's no doubt in my mind that he 100% convinced a couple females (not in Qatar of course) that he is Neymar. Look at how the people flock to him without realizing there's simply no chance Neymar would wander around like this. It cracks me up how many times something like this happens. There was obviously fake Klay Thompson who eventually got banned by the Warriors. 

At least Fox Soccer admitted they got got. It shouldn't happen unless you're J-Mac. You have to be smart enough to know that Neymar isn't walking in the streets like it's the 1992 Olympics. Bold move trying this in Qatar. I'm pretty sure it's illegal at some point or somehow in that country. Just stop falling for clear doppelgängers who wear the same thing every day.  Not to mention Neymar has a busted ankle right now and is sick. Read the Internet one time for me boys.